My Visit to the Helmut Newton Polaroids Exhibition in Berlin


Helmut Newton Foundation, located in Berlin, is hosting now a Polaroid exhibition with exclusive and never before seen photos taken by the brilliant photographer Helmut Newton (the exhibition will be open until 20th November, 2011).

Half a month ago, I visited it and I exclusive never before seen the brilliant photographer Helmut Newton (until November 20, 2011), half a month ago, I visited it and could discover more things about one of my favorite photographers.

Photo via Helmut

Helmut Newton foundation is next to the Berlin Zoo, so you can’t get lost, because it’s opposite from the train station Zoologischer Garten. It was designed and planned in 2003, and keeps a large part of his work since his death on 23th January 2004, in a car accident in Los Angeles.

The foundation holds a permanent exhibition (frankly, it was the part I liked most) about Helmut. This part makes us travel to his life, to his world, and he`s presented as a funny man (in fact, a big display of Helmut Newton-size welcomes us), we can also see a reproduction of the photographer’s office in Monte Carlo, where crazy things decorate all the room, like for example water toy guns, an inflatable doll…

Photos via: Kitblog and Trips and Pics

And with all of it, one of the cars owned by the photographer, a big and monstrous car that seems to be taken from a TV-movie in the 90’s. Sorry for not having a picture, but I have to say that it was forbidden to take pictures inside the entire museum, so I only took a pair of photos with a mobile phone. But I prefer to tell you my experience with my own words.

Photo via Tepatoken

With these pieces, you’ll find several letters between the photographer and magazines or organizations which he worked for (such as Vanity Fair and Vogue) where you can view his personal and professional relationships, and again it’s obvious his crazy way of life. So, yo begin to love Helmut more and more.

And at the end, you can see two large crystal windows with contains lots of the Helmut`s cameras, most of them Polaroids. They seem to be little treasures.

Now, let us enter a rectangular room where we can see different TVs with Helmut documentaries about his working life, you can see the making of in his photoshoots. And all the walls are covered with covers of the most famous newspapers and magazines around the world with lots of his most famous photographs. At this point, we can see the influence that Helmut has had in the photography and fashion world.

Photo via Destruccion del Color, Ryan Bossetti, Widelec, Proa, and SpaceReptilesAreYourFriends

After visiting this part, which it’s the first floor, a large staircase with a red carpet will give us access to the second floor, where we’ll find the exhibition of never before seen Polaroids. There are more than 300 photos of fashion photography, where naked photos are very common, we’ll see a quite bizarre style too.

Photo via my LomoHome
Photo via Revistamu, ModelLesbians, Apuntesdelnatural, ResourceMagazineOnline, and Bodyofart

Moreover, Taschen has published a book that can else be found in Spain and its price is about 40 Euros.

Photo via “Taschen”:

Finally, to finish the tour, we can go upstairs to the top floor, the attic, where you’ll find and exhibition for other photographers.

Back downstairs and before leaving the museum, a visit to the library is a must see (it’s very complete, with design books, architecture, but mostly photography). It’s small but you can find treasures there, and many secondhand books. You have to get lost in its shelves and have a look! Maybe you can find that book you’ve always been looking for. You should also visit Helmut Newton’s shop, where you’ll find shirts, jewelry and more, all of them very glamorous, with the photographer’s name on them. It’s not a souvenir shop, this is more chic!

Helmut Newton Foundation
Jebensstrasse 2, 10623 Berlin.
Phone: +49 30 3186 4856

Fax: +49 30 3186 4855

Tuesday – Satuday
10 a.m. – 6 p.m.

Wednesday 10 a.m. – 10 p.m.
Tickets: 8€ / 4 €

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  1. zeptr
    zeptr ·

    I visited Berlin 2 weekends ago and this was one of the first things I went to see. It was very enjoyable, and the polaroids were a highlight. Thank you for the article :)

  2. carlosbull
    carlosbull ·

    Thank you for reading and commenting! :))

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