LC-A Birthday Video Action


If you have a video camera, a LC-A or a LC-A+ and a Youtube account, then we’ve got a little challenge for you!

We are looking for videos in which the LC-A is the center of attention. This can include parties, good wishes, songs, LC-A commercials, statements, tips & tricks or anything else that is related to the LC-A … Be creative!

We need you to upload these videos to Youtube and tag with “LC-A anniversary.” Once you have done this then submit your videos to our blog. As soon as we have gathered a nice selection we will post this in our magazine!

If your video has the most hits at the end of the year you will be rewarded with a mystery package sent to your door :)

All your fabulous submissions to the anniversary projects, be they pucker photo uploads, peachy postcards or tantalizing tales, will find their way into our special LC-A 25th anniversary touring exhibition which will culminate in a grand slam final event!

written by lucasjakobsson on 2009-01-28 #news #video #rumble #lc-a #lc-a-anniversary


  1. lomollete
    lomollete ·

    Sounds cool

  2. graefin
    graefin ·

    So we have some time for the video?!?

  3. lucasjakobsson
    lucasjakobsson ·

    @ graefin

    yes, but dont wait up too long!

  4. grenoouille
    grenoouille ·

    tah dah!...
    1984 - LCA Anniversary

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