Parc des Buttes Chaumont: A Very Photogenic Park


The Park Buttes Chaumonts is a huge park in the north of Paris. It is a particularly photogenic park and an excellent lomolocation. Let me tell you why.

Credits: cc-in-paris

The Parc des Buttes Chaumont is located in the north of Paris, in the hearth of the 19th arrondisement (metros:Buttes Chaumont, Botzaris, Pyrénées, Laumière and Bolivar). It is an excellent park for doing all those things you do in a park. You know, sunbathe, a picnic, play music in the park, etc.

I love taking pictures at the Buttes Chaumont. Let me tell you about all the things I love in this park. First, it’s hilly, very hilly. It abounds in hills. This makes it a good spot for shooting people, specially ones who are not expecting it.

Credits: cc-in-paris

It has lots of hidden corners that allow for bucolic photos just in the middle of the city.

Credits: cc-in-paris

It has a few Chinese and English gardens, which are great for all flower addicts like myself.

Credits: cc-in-paris

It has several bridges, grottoes, a lake, and a belvedere modeled on an ancient Roman temple. All things very photogenic!

Credits: elvismartinezsmith

Finally, it is up high! You can take great photos overlooking the city from there!

Credits: cc-in-paris
Credits: jeabzz

Ooh! And have I mentioned that you can enter the petite ceinture abandoned railway from the park? checkout Elvismartinezsmith's lomolocation.

PS:Thanks to Mr. Elvismartinezsmith and Mr. Jeabzz] for letting me use their photos.

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  1. backforbreakfast
    backforbreakfast ·

    super, caro!!!! good memories :)

  2. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    Yup Caro, great location and shots full of memories !!! =)

  3. grazie
    grazie ·

    this is very nicely written Carolina and the photos are lovely too. I'd love to spend the rest of the afternoon there. Can someone teleport me please? :)

  4. 12_12
    12_12 ·

    Great photos!!! :D

  5. le_ors
    le_ors ·

    love this lomolocation :)

  6. cc-in-paris
    cc-in-paris ·

    @backforbreakfast @mikahsupageek @grazie @12_12 @le_ors @redtulip : thank you all for your kind words! much appreciated!! :D

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