Fave Childhood Hangout: Fun at the Playground

Growing up in the 80s, life was so much simpler. There was no internet, no mobile phones and no network games. As a kid, my choices for entertainment were pretty limited. A trip to the movie was an indulgence and most of the time I just hung out with my neighbourhood friends. One of my favourite hangout places is the playground.

In fact, we would often explore different playgrounds around the neighbourhood. Each playground has its own characteristics and unique design. Some are shaped like a dragon, others look like birds and there are even fruit-shaped playgrounds. The concrete designs are simple and functional. Running barefoot on the sand pit playground makes me feel like I am at the beach. On the playground, we would invent our own games and play according to our own rules. Life is just so carefree. Looking back, I can still remember the countless hours of fun spent at the playground.

Old Playgrounds

Such concrete structured playgrounds are not built anymore. In fact, most of them have been torn down to make way for new safety oriented playgrounds made from plastic and steel. This is sad as these old playgrounds are part and parcel of our history and leave so much memory for many people (myself included). Today, there are not many left and I hope they can be conserved and become icons in their respective estates.

New playgrounds

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