Searching for Milan Locations: A City Guide Callout


You just have to share with us your point of view of the city of Milan, you will be our filter, look at the peephole, and tell us what you see!

Milan wakes up early in the morning, in a little ’foggy and smells of coffee in bars. The features are similar to those of many other Italian cities, which, however, here take different colors and perfumes. The rain sometimes gives his buildings a stern, but the mood that you will breathe in the guidebook that we want to create for you, will be anything but gray.

So, Start to comb through the wardrobe of your favorite memories of Milan and try to see which of these fall into one of the following categories that compose the future City Guide di Lomography:

Urban adventures
Grab your camera and get wild into the city.. Be excited, make yourself flow by ​​the beat of the city and shoot as you discover the neighborhoods of the metropolis, from the center to its peripherals.

  • Hidden places
  • From up above
  • The Great Outdoors
  • The Best View: scenic images that takes your breath away
  • So. Many. People!
  • Public transport
  • Sports & Action
  • Parks & Chill out
  • Flea markets & Second Hand
  • Animal Kingdom
  • Graveyards
  • Modern Marvels: skyscrapers, modern sculptures etc.

Food and Drink
From the traditional to the avant-garde or fusion cooking, sandwiches on Saturday night — in short, tell us about where there are most secret and best places to satisfy your throat!

  • Best coffee in town
  • Best Bagels
  • Best burger & Cheesesteaks in town
  • Best pizza in town
  • Best Asian food in town
  • Best breakfast in town
  • Blackout Brunch
  • Local delights
  • Sweet explosion
  • Cheap but good
  • Hangover therapy
  • Worth the Splurge

Night on the Town
When it gets wild during weekends..

  • Barhopping
  • Hardcore clubbing
  • Music & Concerts
  • Dance Dance Revolution
  • Arty party
  • Best cocktails around
  • The Dankest and Best pubs in the world
  • Gay Bars
  • Glam & Glitter
  • House Parties (sometimes, it’s the private parties that lead to the most memorable weekends)
  • Beer Gardens

Art & Culture
There’s art in every corner of the city, it is sometimes obvious, but sometimes you have to look twice. What is your inspiration?

  • Amazing Museums
  • Photography
  • Street Art
  • Art Galleries
  • Must see exhibitions
  • Happenings (book signings, movie premieres, store openings)
  • Mind-blowing Architecture
  • Where Fashion Lives
  • Avantgarde Theatre

Local Flavor
There are things that define the character of each city in the world. What are the vibes that define your place?

  • Events & Festivals (also includes national holidays)
  • People & Characters (everyday folks, local personalities)
  • Retail Therapy (local brands, local malls, fleamarkets, weekend markets, bazaars)
  • Traditional clothing
  • Rituals
  • Urban Myths
  • Local Lifestyle
  • Do’s and Don’ts (cultural quirks and practices)
  • Local Ta-Dos

Once you find your ideal subject, you may write the post, adorn it with photos, and send it as an article of the section Locations, you have just to click here! Share your stories which describe the places in words and pictures, the ones that you have taken or those that you will take, for the occasion, and make sure to tag your each entry with “CityGuide” and “Milano”.

For each approved article you will receive 15 Piggies!

Deadline for submission of the material 1 October 2011

What are you waiting for? Arm yourself with your analogue cameras, pens, and your compass! You are our explorers!

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  1. francesco1
    francesco1 ·

    awesome! I cant wait until there is a city guide of Florence or Los Angles!

  2. etrosh
    etrosh ·

    hey there! Any news about the project? I would like to participate but I realized it's already over :(

  3. neja
    neja ·

    Yes, what happened to it? I am gojng to Milan in January 2012 with lots of films

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