30,000 Tumblr Followers and Countin'!


If you’ve been faithfully following us on our Tumblr page, well you just got yourself an exclusive invite to this party we have and it’s about to start right now!

If you’re one of those people who just can’t resist screaming “I heart it!” or just simply likes to re-blog every pretty analogue bit on our every tumblr post, we still have plenty more for you to rave about! Because at this very moment, we’ve actually reached over 30,000 followers and it’s exactly why we need to celebrate!

Being in this celebratory mood we wanted to share the most loved, hearted, liked and talked about photos on Lomography in 2011 so far! Sit back and enjoy the gallery:

Credits: bravebird, warning, shoujoai, bkspicture, paperplanepilot, ccwu, gnarlyleech, clickiemcpete, mephisto19, jorgesato, copefan, takuji, dabai, spoeker, bccbarbosa, jennson, susielomovitz, istionojr, makny, natalieerachel, jeabzz, myloveletter, hburgess, lawypop, wuxiong & iantheman

Enjoyed our selections? It doesn’t stop there! Next up we’re giving out this special coupon that’ll give you heaps of discounts and will deliberately fill your cart with all the good analogue stuff when you check out from our Shop! How to do it, you ask? – Simply follow us on our Tumblr page and you’re in! Easy isn’t it? Think of it as a simple thanks from us for making yet another milestone for the Lomographic community! So you better tell this to your next-door neighbor, your pet cat and to everyone you know dearly not to miss great news!

written by fookshit on 2011-08-09 #news #tumblr


  1. jorgesato
    jorgesato ·

    yeah really cool!! :)

  2. deathcabformike
    deathcabformike ·

    *jaw dropped* awesome photos <3

  3. tenczys
    tenczys ·

    lomography showcase!

  4. makny
    makny ·


  5. foxypoxy3
    foxypoxy3 ·

    Totally Stellar.

  6. yein
    yein ·


  7. yein
    yein ·


  8. yein
    yein ·


  9. yein
    yein ·


  10. yein
    yein ·


  11. yein
    yein ·


  12. susielomovitz
    susielomovitz ·

    :). <3

  13. zonderbar
    zonderbar ·


  14. shutterflysimmons
    shutterflysimmons ·

    these were amazing!!

  15. warning
    warning ·

    30.000??? Congrats.

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