Olympus OM2n – Smallest SLR In The 80's


This small SLR was the start into my photography „career“. It was given to me as a present by an old neighbor who just heard about my effort to start into b&w photography at school. He said he can`t hold it anymore and it`s better in my hands than dusty in his storage rack. It came with an Olympus flash, manual, a 35mm Zuiko lens, a 50mm Zuiko lens and a Tokina 70-150mm

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This still is one of the smallest SLR`s I`ve ever seen. It runs 35mm film with film speeds from 12ASA up to 1600ASA, shutter speed is from 1/1000 to B, the shutter release button can be run by a cable release, there is a self timer and of course a tripod mount. There is the possibility to adjust over- or underexposure in your shot in 1/3 steps by the little knob on top where you set your film speed. You see, there is almost nothing left a photographer dreamed of in the 80ies.

There are so much accessories for the OM-system, it`s really unbelievable. I bought for mine another 100mm lens and a winder which I unfortunately haven`t used by now. If you`ll ever get the chance to get your hands on one of these don`t hesitate, you`ll fall in love with that small thing.
In the meantime the old neighbor died but the camera will keep him in my mind as a good man alive…

written by lomodirk on 2009-02-06 #gear #35mm #review #slr #olympus #om #olympus-om-2n

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  1. lomosexual_manboy
    lomosexual_manboy ·

    I have an OM10, but this one looks like a worthy addition to the collection. Great shots.

  2. monoflow
    monoflow ·

    my dad has this camera and hes going to give it to me :) lovely photos! cant wait to use it!

  3. vitocl
    vitocl ·

    Couldn't agree more. Sharp images from great lens plus it is small and unobtrusive, unlike most DSLRs. Never quite mastered the multiple exposure technique.

  4. red_baron
    red_baron ·

    My aunt had one, but she doesn't use it since a long time...now I want to bring this baby back to life =D

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