Las Canteras Beach, a Dreamy and Emblematic Place


This beach, my beach, is an artist’s muse, a holiday destination in Europe and located conveniently in the middle of the city.

Las Canteras Beach is the main beach of my city, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria. Due to its location, it is considered as an urban beach. It is visited by many tourists and local people during the whole year as we have great weather any season. Three point two kilometers of great avenue and sand.

This 1880 picture shows us how the city was back then. The placed called “La Isleta” was absolutely isolated from the rest of the city when the sea was high, in the left side of the picture: Las Canteras; on the right side: Las Alcaravaneras.

A special fact about this beach is the presence of a rock which is situated along the seaside. This natural rock protects the beach from the Atlantico’s waves. This rock is also known as “La Barra”.

Ella fue explotada como cantera para diferentes construcciones en la ciudad, como la Catedral de Las Palmas. De ahí el actual nombre de la playa. Anteriormente a esto se la conocía como Playa del arrecife por “La Barra” (por ser un arrecife donde conviven platas y animales).

This beach was used as a main resource for material to build places like “Las Palmas Cathedral”. Back in the day it was also known as “Playa de arrecife” because in La Barra, both plants and animals lived together.

Nowadays, the beach has many different zones. It also has the AENOR quality certificate, which has been awarded to only two other beaches in Spain: La Concha (San Sebastián) and La Victoria (Cádiz). Access for disabled people, lifeguard stations, spa, sport and child spaces, weekly water control, beach-library in summer, cultural activity during the whole year, hotels, apartments, restaurants and bars right at the beach, easy access beach by bus/car/walking, good police security around the beach and many more facts. Surf, fishing and diving are also very common activities in this beach.

This beach has been a “muse” for one of the most important persons in my life. My grandfather, Manuel Padorno: poet and painter. His works let us see how important was the sea, the sand, and the sky in this urban paradise. There are some walls painted by him along the beach:

Here’s a website where you can see a bit more about him:

ATARDECER EN LAS CANTERAS (a Spanish poem written by Manuel Padorno)

UNA línea solamente
un husmo blanco líquido

una línea largamente
un azul pálido apagado

el fuego enfrente silencioso
alta lámina pura.

This beach has been part of my life since I can remember. Beach after school, in the summer, the winter, my first teenage outings in the beach. Beach during the day, during the night, during the afternoon; it is the perfect place to run away to. I will never get tired of it. Anytime I visit it, it looks like a new place to me.

In 2010, Lomography entered my life and everything changed again. A new way to see the beach, my favorite beach in the past 24 years – with new color and new eyes over the beach.

The film gave a whole new sense of pleasure to this special place, awesome, colorful, and alive.

The magic of the first pictures with limo, when you’re not that sure about what you are doing.

And when you finally got the hang of it, you get the most out of them and you create your own world.

Don’t you think this place is magical? Do come and visit this special place in the world. ;)

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translated by ramsescabello

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