Huicholes: Creators of Colorful Creations the Analogue Way


The Huicholes are an Indian tribe from the Nayarit and Jalisco region (my home state) in Mexico, and they’re known for their incredible artwork made entirely by hand using color strings to create amazing “paintings”.

The Huicholes are an Indian tribe from the mountains in the Jalisco and Nayarit regions in Mexico. They are a very reserved kind of tribe with a wonderful talent. They create amazing handcrafted “paintings” but instead of using regular paint, they use brilliant colored strings.

A Huichol dressed in his typical clothing

It’s very hard to actually get a picture of them because as a tribe, they believe that if someone takes a picture of them their soul will be stolen, that’s the reason why you won’t see many Huicholes in a picture. On the other hand, what you WILL be able to witness is their amazing talent when it comes to creating beautiful masterpieces such as these:

A collection on rituals made by hand using colored yarn.

Huicholes use this completely analogue art form to depict stories, traditions, and rituals from their tribe and pass it on through generations. It’s a really old technique of storytelling that has survived the trials of time.

Some close-up examples of the Huicholes’ magnificent analogue approach to visual arts

Nowadays you can find these yarn paintings in galleries all over Mexico, and are a great way to help the Huicholes continue with this tradition and pass it on to their kids.

These yarn paintings make great pieces of artwork

I love the fact that there’s still people out there that use analogue techniques to create amazing things and keep the analogue dream alive, whether its with yarn, beads, glass or even Lomography.

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    Nice article, I love the Huichol people and their ways and art. I have also seen amazing detailed bead-work made by the Huichol people; here are some too look at:….

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