Theo Jansen’s Kinetic Sculptures


Theo Jansen is a Dutch artist best known for his Kinetict Scupltures. He has dedicated his life to create huge self-moving PVC sculptures that resemble animal skeletons that “walk” using wind power, no electricity, no gasoline, pure analogue art here!

I first discovered Theo Jansen’s work a couple of years ago when I was surfing the web and landed on his website by accident (or was it?) with his “beautiful creatures” moving completely by themselves powered only by the wind in an amazing combination of art and analogue engineering.

I think his work is really amazing; how he uses only the power of the wind to make these huge sculptures move by themselves in a completely analogue fashion.

These creatures are created using PVC pipes, wood, and sails that resemble wings and they move freely on the sandy beaches of the Netherlands.

With time, Theo Jansen has been able to improve his creations to a level that now his “Animaris Percipiere” as he calls them, have perfectly adapted to their surroundings, avoiding water, “storing” air in their stomachs inside recycled plastic bottles to be able to move when there’s no wind and are even able to anchor themselves when strong winds hit them.

Theo Jansen’s main goal with his Kinetic Sculptures is to be able to put them out in herds on the beaches so they can live their own lives, and this ladies and gentlemen, is what I call true Analogue Love!

The prophecies were right: avant-garde IS analogue. Lomo on people!

Visit Theo Jansen's website for more info

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