Scenic World or Some Great Portrait Horizon Shots


Sometimes it’s more important to show what’s up and down than left and right – turning your camera 90 degrees to make a portrait shot sometimes gives a unique view to the world.

So prepare to scroll a lot as here’s a nice selection of upscale Horizon Perfekt, Horizon Kompakt, Spinner 360 and Sprocket Rocket shots. As soundtrack to this gallery we recommend LomoAmigo Beirut’s Scenic World.

Credits: sthomas68, inksi, vicuna, b0rn2b1ush, stouf, albersevi, sandkorn, unknownsoldier, panelomo, atria007, niko_fuzzy, disdis, magicbus, eskimofriend, isabel_mebarak, warning, drame, makny, locutus, dabai, dmigor, zafo_lomo, wil6ka, fisheyemary, engie_bec, porkchopsandy, -a-l-b-e-r-t-o-, renaishashin, reneg88, lomosexual_manboy, mephisto19 & sondyy

Let us know in the comments what you think of it. And link to any great portrait Horizon shots we have missed.

written by recurving on 2011-08-09 #lifestyle #gallery #portrait #horizon #spinner #sprocket-rocket


  1. life_on_mars
    life_on_mars ·

    wow!!! great shots ))
    my horizon shots…

  2. zipper
    zipper ·

    Wao! I want a panoramic camera now! I need to earn more piggies then!

  3. tenczys
    tenczys ·

    superb !

  4. zoezo
  5. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    great gallery indeed!!

  6. zoezo
    zoezo ·

    actually this whole album :-))

  7. mediabrus
    mediabrus ·

    Oh my funkin gods! I will have to live without food for a couple of weeks as it seems. I MUST have a panoramic camera! End of discussion!

  8. vtayeh
    vtayeh ·

    Here's my fav Paris shot:

    Here's my fav tall trees shot:

    Love the gallery!!!

  9. sandkorn
    sandkorn ·

    great great gallery indeed!

  10. tyron_lannister
    tyron_lannister ·

    absolutly amazing... Horizon Perfekt i WANT you!!!

  11. stouf
    stouf ·

    Thanks mate : ) Grrrrreat gallery !

  12. mizz_eva
    mizz_eva ·

    This is super duper cool!!!!

  13. feelux
    feelux ·

    Amazing! I want a Perfekt!

  14. belletts
    belletts ·

    That's really spectacular images; my jaw is dropping!

  15. freckleface
    freckleface ·

    the horizon offers such a new and inspiring look on the world. this compilation is amazing and proves just that :)

  16. ck_berlin
  17. pinkpix
    pinkpix ·

    I love the second shot from the series, with the bumper cars. Whos is it?

  18. recurving
    recurving ·

    @pinkpix: it's by @inski – see it here: (in the collapsed view – when you see only one photo – you can always click on "open this photo" and it takes you directly to the shot)

  19. devildi
    devildi ·

    wow great pics in here .... i love the panoramic view :-)

  20. liquorice
  21. reneg88
    reneg88 ·

    = ^_^ = lovely.

  22. yarah
    yarah ·

    wow, great shots!!!

  23. graciedavis
    graciedavis ·

    Brilliant. Absolutely breathtaking! Great job!

  24. itsdebraanne
    itsdebraanne ·

    wow. i love the white pier at the beach. and a double decker carousel? me want!!

  25. takezzo
    takezzo ·

    my computer screen is too small for any of the vertical shot... :( great selection anyway...

  26. nock
    nock ·

    yap, I have a 15´` screen and it also is impossible to see the photos correctly. Please, fix that, because landscape photos tend to stay small as vertical ones are huge... :/

  27. mikahsupageek
    mikahsupageek ·

    fantastic shots indeed !

  28. achocolatemoose
    achocolatemoose ·

    Love it!

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