Chrome Business: Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 (35mm)


It’s Lomography’s flagship 35mm slide film: X-Pro Chrome, and we aren’t complaining! Results may be dangerously mind-blowing, radiant, and shocking to your non-Lomography friends! :)

Credits: dearjme

After being a member on this amazing online sharing community here at for about 4 months, I saw tons of beautiful, striking, color casted, shifted, and warped photos that sparked an immense amount of inspiration within me. And the element that was consistent between most of these photos, besides the obvious touch of special creativity, was the film choice and processing — slide film xpro! As a newbie, I was fascinated, but hindered by the seemingly huge price and cost of slide film in comparison to the cheapy color negative stuff I found at my local drug store. But after awhile, I began to realize that if I wanted to achieve a certain result with my attempts at Lomography, I would need to sacrifice a bit of moolah for it.

My first purchase: the Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100.

It was definitely worth the extra bit! I just developed my first roll this past week, and I wasn’t disappointed at all. In terms of color, the blues and greens shone with amazing clarity and power, while the reds were subtle, yet crisp, and the overall cross-processed effect gave me chills to see within my very own photos. In comparison to some of the photos I’ve seen here on Lomography, there was very little color cast with the Chrome X-Pro, unlike with Fuji Velvia or Astia. Also, the amount of contrast was considerably striking to me, since I’ve usually had underexposed photos with color negative in my Diana Mini, and I wasn’t used to the LC-A+ lens and the sensitivity of slide film.

My love and I took a few shots at a small beach nearby his house, and the palm trees seemed to be a great subject to frame, as well as taking funny poses, and shooting the waves along the shoreline. That gave me a huge sense of relief, knowing that I could just have fun with taking my photos, and know that the results would still give great satisfaction.

Colored flash works grrrreat with this film, making night photography amazing. When using my flash, I set my ASA to 1600.

I can’t wait to use the two remaining rolls of Lomography X-Pro Chrome film left in the pack!

Credits: dearjme

The Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm is a showstopper of a slide. When cross processed, this film intensifies hues and makes everything more vibrant and vivid. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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