My Favourite Sundial Located in Seattle

Not only is Gas Works Park well known for being used as a location for movies such as Singles and 10 Things I Hate About You, it also has the most interesting analemmatic sundial I have ever seen.

The sundial was created in 1978 by Chuck Greening and Kim Lazare. It’s located in Gas Works Park on top of Kite Hill. It’s a 28-foot circle made of multicolored concrete embedded with a mermaid, astrological signs, sun, moon and shells and so on. You can tell the time by using your body as as the gnomon, with your shadow you can figure out the time and season.

Gas Works Park is a unique landmark and one of the best places to take pictures. If you are interested in architecture you’ll definitely enjoy the mixture of the old gas plant with the new infrastructures. Gas Works Park wouldn’t be what it is today without the work of Richard Haag. One of the most, if not the most well-known landscape architect in Seattle. He’s the only architect to have been awarded the American Society of Landscape Architects Award for design excellence twice (once for his design of Gas Works Park).

The rest of Gas Works Park:

Gas Works Park
2101 N Northlake Way

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