Busan in the Summertime

You might know Busan for its famous mountain for hiking and perhaps for Gwangan Bridge or for its night view. But Busan also has a lot of interesting places to visit and you would definitely enjoy it even during the burning summer season.

I would like to introduce you to TaeJongDae Resort Park.

Taejong is the 29th King of the Silla Kingdom. Taejongdae was built along with Oryukdo Island (Five Six Island). Not only is Taejongdae one of the most popular tourist spots in Busan, it is also famous for its rock beach.

Within the park, you will be able to see a lot of pine trees and beautiful flowers around the temple during summertime. There is a tourist train running through the park for KRW1500 such that you would not have to walk under the sun (I went there during the hottest day since summer began in July 2011, which was 36 degrees). I opted not to take the train for going uphill, I walked along and was able to see the coast and felt the cool summer breeze. But I can assure you that you will definitely feel exhausted after you walk all the way to the lighthouse and the observatory. If you still have some energy, you can walk downhill to the Gymyeongsa before you take the train. Be sure you buy your ticket at the station near the lighthouse.

There is a mother-and-son statue near the observatory. As TaeJongDae Resort Park was built along the coast, it happens that some people commit suicide by jumping off the cliff there. Therefore, they built this statue there, hoping that those people who felt frustrated would think about their mother and treasure their life.

Haeundae Beach and Gwanganli Beach would be other must-visit spots that I’m suggesting to you for the summer. It would be fantastic if you can stay in Gwanganli Beach until sunset and you can see the beautiful night view of Gwangan Bridge there.

Traveling to Busan:
Busan is located very far away from Seoul and is at the bottom part of South Korea. It will only take you 5 hours in a bus to reach Busan from Seoul. You can choose to take a train there, which will also take 5 hours. But it will only be a 2-hour and 30-minute ride if you take the KTX, but it would be double the fare as compared to the train or bus.

From Busan City to Taejongdae
At the bus station directly across the Busan Station, you can find bus #88/101. Get off at Taejongdae Park (30 minutes ride), if I remember it correctly, Taejongdae is the final station for both buses.

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