Bulguksa Temple of Gyeongju, South Korea

Bulguksa Temple was a temple designated as a World Cultural Asset by UNESCO back in 1995. It is a famous tourist spot and a must go place in Gyeongju. It was built in year 528 during the Silla Kingdom. It underwent several renovations ever since it was built.

There are numerous important cultural relics, for instance, Dabotap, Sukgatap and Buddhist figures located in Bulguksa Temple. The Dabotap and Sukgatap are the most valuable pagodas in Korea. There are also Korea’s National Treasures.

Bulguksa has stairways that were named as bridges instead of stairs such as the Blue Cloud Bridge, White Cloud Bridge, Lotus Flower Bridge, and Seven Treasure Bridge. The stairs lead to a gate of the Buddha halls. The Blue Cloud Bridge and White Cloud Bridge were linked together so as the Lotus Flower Bridge and Seven Treasure Bridge. The stairs named as Blue Cloud Bridge and White Cloud Bridge symbolically connect our world to the Buddhas’ world. In addition, the stairways named as Lotus Flower Bridge and Seven Treasure Bridge were known as a stair only for people who have reached enlightenment. You might probably think that the stairways are long, in fact, they were only 17/18 steps.

Bulguksa Temple is quite far away from the center of Gyeongju, taking a taxi there would be around KRW30,000 from Sin Gyeongju Station. If you go to Gyeongju by KTX, then you can take buses outside the KTX station to the train station of Gyeongju (around 25 minutes). Outside Gyeongju station or the bus station of Gyeongju you can take bus #10/11 to Bulguksa Temple, which is a 50-minute ride.

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