Two Neighborhoods of Barcelona Sharing Frames


About how a boring July working day turns into a unique experience, making two very different neighborhoods of Barcelona share frames, creating a new one that is nonexistent, unique and unrepeatable.
Bon Pastor, La Bonanova, Konica C35EF, and cross-processing = Magic.

Credits: srmarcus

A hot Tuesday in July, due to family and work matters, I had to move up and down through Barcelona.

First hour in the morning, the car. I had to take it to the repair shop, located in the neighborhood of Bon Pastor, a working class neighborhood with an industrial area, bound by the Ronda Literal, the La Maquinista shopping mall, and the beginning of the residential area. From there, I went to downtown (area I left out of this project), left for work at noon, then went to the neighborhood of La Bonanova, a residential, almost high-class area with manors, mansions, and gardened areas.

The magic of analog photography, its endless possibilities, and the will to make the day a special day, made me think of shooting both neighborhoods that are very different from each other in the same frame, creating a new reality, a new neighborhood that exists only in my imagination.

Credits: srmarcus

The camera I used is the Konica C35EF that had very pleasantly surprised me on the first roll that I wanted to use IT again with slide film.

The film was Kodak Elitechrome 100, that I would be using for the first time.

Credits: srmarcus

As you see, the results were amazing. Flowers with industrial premises silhouettes, subway lights crossing the city, new and unimaginable buildings, a new neighborhood to discover!

Credits: srmarcus

I had my doubts about submitting the article to Analogue Lifestyle or Locations, but at the end I believe it is more the result of my “Analogue Lifestyle” that made this new location in Barcelona possible!

written by srmarcus on 2011-08-16 #lifestyle #barcelona #lomography #x-pro #crossprocessing #analogue-lifestyle #bonanova #bon-pastor #konica-c35ef #auto-filmswap #neighbourhoods
translated by etxenike

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  1. zilin
    zilin ·

    NICE!! I'm looking for this camera~!

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