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“If we always think we have nothing, we will still be discontented even if we have everything.” I learned this from her — Belle Eh. The person who always stand by me, support me and love me. Thanks for everything.

I really hope that distance and time will never be a problem for us. She is one of the friends who are closest to my heart. No doubt, without her giving color to my life, the process of my student life will become monotonous and meaningless. It’s really hard to find someone whom has the same thinking and who understands me well. I don’t need to say anything, but she knows what I want.

Compared with her, I know how lucky I am. I believe that God will not let her encounter obstacles all the way, so she shouldn’t give up. Yet, I have already treated her like my sister. She is really a good partner and listener. As her friend, I really have nothing to complain.

Whatever worries us now, remember to smile and laugh. Everything will be alright. God will bless us so that everything will go well.

Thanks and all the very best for the future!

written by gladys on 2011-08-23 #people #lifestyle #love #friendship #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #gladys #lomopeoplemsia #belle_eh


  1. belle_eh
    belle_eh ·

    It's so touching~~My tear drop while reading it~~I miss you so much...TT^TT

  2. -puifun-
    -puifun- ·

    May God bless all of us! ^^

  3. tomkiddo
    tomkiddo ·

    i know this girl :)

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