The Chinese Room: The Smith Tower

One sunny day, I took some redscale film and my Fujifilm Natura to one of the oldest historic landmarks in Seattle.

The Smith Tower is the oldest skyscraper in Seattle. It’s located near the underground tour in Pioneer Square (if you go to the underground tour, keep your bracelets, it will give you a discount if you want to visit the Chinese room in the Smith Tower).

Once you enter the Smith Tower you’ll take an elevator that will take you to the 35th floor of the tower where you can look at the architecture of the Chinese room and go to the observation deck.

The furniture and ceiling were gifts from the Empress of China who also gave the Wishing Chair as a gift.

I was happy to sit down after a long day until I read about the legend of the wishing chair: “It is said that a single woman who sits in the chair will marry within a year.” I can only hope I won’t run off to get married in Las Vegas anytime soon.

It costs $7.50 for adults and $6.00 for students to visit the Smith Tower.

View from the Chinese room:

Smith Tower
506 Second Avenue
Pioneer Square
Seattle, Washington

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