RECAP: Double Exposures: Film Swap @ Lomography Gallery Store NYC Gramercy

One of the best things about film is that you never know what you’re going to get. We like to take this even further by swapping film with other Lomographers and seeing the amazing double exposures that happen when two different photographic minds collide. Check out our latest film swap from last Sunday!

The double exposure is a wonderful technique that can be achieved in various ways. Using the Diana, one can shoot a roll, (go into a dark room, rewind the film). Shoot it again, or give to a friend across the world to have them shoot. Another way is to simply not advance the film and pull The trigger multiple times, just be careful not to over expose, so put your aperture on sunny! And/or use slower speed film! Take a picture of a texture and then your friend! Then try it the other way around and see how the image will vary. Grab a splitzer and try to shoot the bottom half of your friend and top half of your dog!

Lomography Gallery Store NYC
106 E 23rd Street NYC 10010


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