Comic Conventions 2011

Did you miss this year’s Comic-Con at San Diego? Don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to prepare for New York’s comic convention offering!

Recently, San Diego concluded the 42nd Comic-Con International, a yearly convention where comic book fans, cosplayers (people who engage in costume play), gamers, and curious spectators gather together to celebrate comic book culture, Japanese animation, and other pop culture.

For the many thousands of attendees each year, the Comic-Con is not to be missed for a number of its activities, including film screenings, video game and comic book releases, upcoming movies related to popular comic book titles, and of course, cosplay!

If you missed this year’s San Diego Comic-Con International, don’t fret because 1) some of our very own Lomographers captured the sights and stuff of the recently concluded convention:

Credits: comraderudy & bluedust_05

and 2) New York will be having its own Comic-Con on October 2011!

Like the San Diego Comic-Con, the New York Comic-Con (NYCC) will bring together numerous fans, collectors, and enthusiasts of comic book, video games, television, and Japanese manga/anime. NYCC once again partnered with Cultyard to present an edgy and artistic “show within a show” during the convention, featuring art and illustrations, designer collectible toys, and underground pop culture fashion. Among the highlights of the event are the guest appearances of artists, Anime/Manga personalities, and exhibits of popular designer toy companies such as Tokidoki, Toy Tokyo, and Mimoco.

If you’re set on attending the NYCC, there’s one more reason you should be there. Lomography is going to make its analogue presence felt in the comic book event, as you’ve probably read in the HEROES WANTED! Rumble! So now, mark your calendars, get your Lomography gear ready, and watch out for more news and details from us as the event creeps closer!

For more info:

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