Wanderlust by Marco Walker


Marco Walker is a London-based, Austrian American who studied under Paul Jasmin at the ACC (Art Center College) in Los Angeles before moving to San Francisco. This constant movement and desire for travel has influenced the name of his latest exhibition, “Wanderlust”, which features some awe-inspiring infrared photographs of Yosemite National Park in California.

Nowadays it is difficult to see the world’s great landscapes without masses of tourists snapping away on digital cameras. For Wanderlust, Walker wanted to recapture the mystery and magnificence of Yosemite, perhaps the most photographed national park in America. Most of the iconic photographs of the park have been taken in black and white but wanting to do something different, it appealed to him to use infrared as a way of shooting in colour whilst retaining the mysticism conveyed in black-and-white images.

The mountains, valleys, and waterfalls of the park can often feel extraterrestrial; and the Wanderlust exhibition certainly adds to this mystical aura.

Wanderlust is currently on display at the Old German Embassy building on Belgrave Square in London.

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written by thewretched on 2011-08-10 #news #marco-walker-wanderlust-infrared-film-yosemite-california


  1. analog78
    analog78 ·

    Great, GreaT frames!!!!

  2. xiaojiebtt
  3. weaselwiththecam
    weaselwiththecam ·

    The infrared shots resemble to me crystals looked at through a microscope. My fav must be though the one of the tree. The green looks so fluid.

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