Take The Beaten Path: North Beach Photowalk

Come journey through the neighborhood that housed a generation of America’s most influential writers, artists, poets and personalities. 

One of San Francisco’s defining city spots is North Beach, which is currently known for its Italian population, nightlife and red light district. It’s historic rise to fame was in the 1950’s when the neighborhood became the epicenter of the Beat Generation and cultivated a hotbed for creativity, expressionism and liberation.

Signified by post-WWII disillusionment, the group of American bohemians that became known to define the Beat Generation’s art and writings, sparked a cultural movement that cherished creativity, shunned materialism and sought inspiration in all that surrounded them: good & bad. The most famous personalities such as Jack Kerouac, Gregory Corso, Neal Cassady and Allen Ginsberg all called San Francisco’s North Beach home.

Photo by mel_saumure

The central elements of the Beat culture included experimentation with drugs and alternative forms of sexuality, interest in Eastern religion, French surrealism and expression of being.

Join fellow Lomographers as we attempt to see this historic neighborhood through their eyes and wander the same streets as these influencers of San Francisco culture once did. We will sip some coffee where writers frequented, talk of philosophy and art, flip through a book at City Lights, and pay tribute to our city’s namesake with a visit the Shrine of Francis of Assisi. 
In the spirit of poets and artists past, let’s document the experience through the dreamy lens of analogue film, so bring your Lomo camera as a spirit guide, some film and finest black turtleneck and beret. As always we will be providing loaner cameras and plenty of film for all our beatnik friends.

Lomographers and beatific photographers meet outside of Vesuvio’s at 1pm

*Snaps *

Outside of Vesuvio’s
255 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94133
September 10th 1pm-3pm




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