August Workshops!


The Schedule for our August workshops is up! Come by & pick up some new tricks!

Hello All Torontonians! Please join the Toronto LGS for a workshop or two (or three…)!

6th August (Sat), 2011 1pm – 3pm: The Diana Dialogues

7th August (Sun), 2011 2pm – 4pm: Film Fanatic Workshop

13th August (Sat), 2011 1pm – 3pm: 360 Spinner, Queen Street Edition

14th August (Sun), 2011 2pm – 4pm: Take off with the Sprocket Rocket!

18th August (Thurs), 2011 6pm – 8pm: Shoot with your Dream Camera

20th August (Sat), 2011 1pm – 3pm: Introducing the Diana Mini

21st August (Sun), 2011 2pm – 4pm: The Diana Dialogues

27th August (Sat), 2011 1pm – 3pm: Plastic Fantastic

28th August (Sun), 2011 2pm – 4pm: 360 Spinner, Queen Street Edition

The Diana Dialogues
The little plastic camera that started 2 revolutions! Find out how the camera has affected trends and become a classic artistic tool for several generations of photographers. Discover all the incredible accessories, tips, tricks, and techniques!

Film Fanatic Workshop
Film addiction is one of the greatest analogue pleasures but with such a wide variety out there, choosing the right film can seem over whelming at first. Let us help! From the deep contrasts of fine black & white films to the colour-dripping madness of cross processing.

360 Spinner, Queen Street Edition
Learn about the most dizzying member of the Lomographic family, the Lomography 360 Spinner. Capture all 360 degrees of Lomographic goodness around you and learn crazy techniques with this utterly unique camera.

Take off with the Sprocket Rocket!
Get ready to launch your creativity with the newest member of the Lomography family – the Sprocket Rocket – The world’s first 35mm panoramic camera with exposed sprocket holes! Learn some techniques and get your hand on one to try for yourself.

Shoot with Your Dream Camera
Featuring the Lubitel 166+, LC-A+, and Horizon Kompakt. Get the chance to learn and try one of these dream cameras!

Introducing the Diana Mini
Two is better than one! Double-exposures are one of the most exciting and creative techniques in any Lomographer’s arsenal. We’ll cover all the bases of double exposure photography.

Plastic Fantastic Workshop
From multi-lens marvels like the Actionsampler, Supersampler, Oktomat, and Pop 9, to the 170 degree-grabbing magic of the Fisheye and Fisheye 2. In this workshop we’ll discuss each of the plastic cameras while opening up a world of shooting possibilities.

*Cost: $10 (7$ for students) ALL workshops include a loaner camera and a roll of film. All participants will receive a 10% off coupon for the use at the Toronto Lomography Gallery Store

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  1. stephanie_maks
    stephanie_maks ·

    Aw, I didn't realize there was a workshop today! I was there around 1:30ish - I would have stayed if I'd known there was something happening at 2:00...

    Ah well, if I can get back into TO later this month I'll aim to get there for a workshop.


  2. lomography-to
    lomography-to ·

    oh no! I wish we let you know. Anyhow, if you become our friend on facebook you can see all of our upcoming events and workshops :) hope to see you soon

  3. stephanie_maks
    stephanie_maks ·

    I'm not on facebook but I've started following you on Twitter :) plus I've bookmarked the workshops page. Cheers!

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