'Happy Trails' Dale Evans Shot with an Early Polaroid


On a visit and stay in Branson Missouri at Roy Rogers’s and Dale Evans’s (writer of the song “Happy Trails,”) son’s Lodge, I was viewing one of the complementary videos and saw Dale Evans from the 1960’s Roy Rogers show shooting with an early Polaroid camera.

If you know the song “Happy Trails,” you know about Dale Evans. Dale Evans is the wife of the cowboy songster Roy Rogers who starred in many radio and films and television from the 1940’s through the 1960’s.“Happy Trails” by Dale Evans Rogers, was the theme song for the 1940s and 1950s radio program and the 1950s television show starring Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Rogers. “Happy Trails” always ended every show sung over the credits. Re-runs of the T.V. show aired in France in 1962.

According to Wikipedia, Foy Willing wrote a song titled “Happy Trails” in 1951 for the Republic Pictures movie, Spoilers of the Plains, starring Roy Rogers with Foy Willing and the Riders of the Purple Sage. Subsequently, the first three notes of Foy’s song and the title were used by Dale Evans in writing her version of “Happy Trails.” Dale’s is the version that is popularly played and sung today, albeit without giving credit to Foy’s Willing.

On an odd side note, Janis Joplin left her version in song of “Happy Trails” as a birthday gift to John Lennon just days before she died.

I visited an odd town called Branson in the “Missouri Ozarks”:

I had read about one of the great 60’s T.V. legends Dale Evans and Roy Rogers have a Museum and lodge in Branson. Being only a few hours away from St. Louis, Branson seemed like a nice weekend getaway.

While visiting Branson, I had a great time and stayed in one of the log cabins owned by the Rogers’ son. Every room was decorated, from the trashcan to the bed linens, with cowboy and cowgirl themed accessories and collectables from Roy Rogers’s cowboy T.V. shows and films from the 1940s and 50s.

Every room had video tapes of the old black and white T.V. shows of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans for guests to watch. I watched a few and to my surprise, I saw in one of the episodes Dale Evans taking a photograph with a new Polaroid camera she just received in the mail delivered to her cafe. Unknown to her at the time of the test shot, (later to be used as evidence) she captured a bank robbery in progress outside the front door of her cafe. I grabbed my ActionSampler and other cameras, re-winding and shooting away at the sequence so I could make a little mini movie of it for Lomography.

Credits: blue-dog

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