Ferns Cathedral

Looking for a good location to take some atmospheric photos? Just check out your local church. It has all the history of your area.

Ferns Cathedral is known as the resting place of Richard de Clare, 2nd Earl of Pembroke, Lord of Leinster, Justiciar of Ireland, and more commonly known as Strongbow. The cathedral was originally built by Bishop St. John in the 1230s. After the English Reformation, a new organisation was established by the Irish Parliament of the time which became the state church in Ireland. The Church of Ireland, took possession of most Church property. The main population of Ireland remained Catholic even though there were definite political and economic advantages of membership in the state church.

The building was burned down in Elizabethan times by the O Byrnes of Wicklow in 1575. They were ordered to rebuild it in 1577. They only did this crudely, to approximately the size it is today. Two ancient vaults run beneath the chancel. In 1817, the cathedral was enlarged to include the tower and chapter house. On the inside, the pillars of an earlier structure, walled up in 1577, can be seen in the north and south walls and only a small portion of the ruins remain.

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