The Lloydkwartier is Buzzing!

Rotterdam is vibrant! With Lloydkwartier, old sits next to new, stone next to green, with a mix of water, serenity and people. A perfect place for lomographers!

Of course, Amsterdam is a lot of fun and is best associated with the Netherlands but guys, Rotterdam…that’s the place to be! 010’s vibe is so much different from Amsterdam’s that you definitely have to visit it with your lomo camera(s). Architecture, water, over 160 ethnicities, lively terraces filled with beautiful people: Rotterdam is buzzing!

Rotterdam counts so many beautiful spots that it is not really fair to highlight just one. Maybe I will write other articles about the other places later (the harbour is also one of my personal photography favourites), but for now let’s focus on the Lloydkwartier. It is a super modern, hip, lively place in Delfshaven. Old versus new, serenity versus vibrant, water versus land.

Sometimes I take a look out the window of one of the modern buildings and simply cannot believe that I am looking at the harbour. Then I realise paradoxically, that such a dynamic and vibrant place, where so much hard work is done, makes me so calm.

Obviously, labour cannot exist without joy. Therefore, it is great that this area additionally frequently harbours a funfair. All ages enjoy themselves in all sorts of big scary spinning things. But I think it’s also fun to capture the calm before the storm: the fair during the day, desolated, as everyone is still asleep or preparing for the busy evening to come.

Despite all the stone and metal is the Lloydkwartier (and Rotterdam overall), which is really green.

You see, the Lloydkwartier truly offers so many interesting things. I hope to see you soon, with your lomo camera, and I would love to show you around!

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