Irresistible Durian: The King of Fruits


It’s durian season in Malaysia! The King of Fruits is now conquering Malaysians’ hearts and stomachs! Beware of it!

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In the old days, Malays say “durian jatuh, sarong naik”, which means when a durian drops, sarong (a large fabric that is worn tight around the waist) goes up. Why does the “sarong go up?” So we can use it to pack a lot of durians and bring them back home. Others say “durian jatuh, sarong jatuh”, which means when durians drop, the sarongs drops too. Why do the sarongs drop? Because people are willing to sell their sarong and use the money to buy durians! These sayings only goes to show how much Malaysians love durians!

Credits: guitarleo

The durian is a seasonal fruit; it’s only available from June to August. It’s known as “The King of Fruits” in Southeast Asia. It’s large in size and its husk is covered by thorns. The flesh is either yellow or orange in color, depending on the species.

Credits: guitarleo

A lot of fruit stalls by the roadsides that are normally closed will operate during durian season. People always stop by and buy the durians that they are craving for. Some even eat it at the stalls. Durian is expensive, but depends on the species. Some species sell for RM30 per kg, some only selling at RM5 per kg. The most famous species is Mao Shan Wang (Musang King), which is the most expensive, with yellow and dry flesh. Other famous species such as D24, D101, Red Prawn, Green Durian, D4, D2, are also hot sellers in the market.

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When I was child, my whole family would sit together after dinner to enjoy the durians. Not only with my own family, sometimes with my grandparents, cousins and relatives. We love the gathering and durians too. Now, more often, I eat together with friends, who are also durian lovers. We would go to the fruit stalls at the roadside, and picked our favorite durians. We enjoy the delicious durians, and we also enjoy the gathering.

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Most Malaysians love durians, but not every Malaysian loves it. The durian has a unique odor; people who love it will enjoy it, but for those who don’t, they hate it. They feel that the smell is like cat poop, and think that the smell is too strong and offensive. Because of the strong and unique smell, durians are not allowed in hotels and public transport.

Credits: guitarleo

Durians gives not only delicious taste, it also gathers family and friends together. Do you love durians? Act fast, because if you miss the durian season now, you have to wait for next year!


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