Analogue Approaches to Visual Arts: Analog Visuals from Music to Images

Analog Visuals are analog projections for concerts and cultural event by Vitaily Harmash (belarussian electronic musician), Jerzy Mazzoll (polish clarinettist) and the visual artists Marcin and Tomek Ebert.

The core component of their performance setup is an analog overhead projector which displays oil dish projections creating a continuously varying array of multicoloured forms giving their work an distinct analog feel.

The fusion of analog medium and live video changes every performance into a unique visual art form. The moving image is tightly integrated with sound. This analog art presentation is blended togheter with live camera input in real time.

They use the archaic projectors, video camcorders and decks that make their work unique and give it non-digital character. Currently they are developing Fraktalot and Fluidacje projects.

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