Old School Photo Booths: A Utopia


Last year, I walked through Berlin with my friend and all of a sudden I laid my eyes on something that made my heart jump; a vintage photo booth. When I saw the orange box looking thing with a tiny little curtain, I couldn’t help but smile.

Because as you might know, photo booths are amazing little places. Of course, you can also use them for your legal documents, nothing thrilling about that. But think of all the other purposes we use them for. The times we’ve squeezed ourselves in there with two or three friends to capture the memory of a great day together. The times we’ve made photos for our license, when we didn’t even recognize the weird looking person on the pictures and threw the photos straight into the bin. The times we’ve sat there with the ‘love of our life’ to make photos that we could both carry in our wallets.

There’s something magical about those photo booths. As soon as you close the little curtain, you’re in a world of your own and no one can disturb you. You can look as serious or silly as you like in there and no one would judge you. As a matter of fact, if the person next in line would see your silly expressions on the freshly developed photos, they probably would only give you an understanding smile.

Credits: dkformsma

I hope photo booths will never disappear from our lives. They’re probably as close to an utopia we’ll ever get.

written by dkformsma on 2011-09-21 #lifestyle #vintage #berlin #photobooth #photo-booth #lomography #germany #old-school #analogue-lifestyle #requested

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  1. explorette
    explorette ·

    wow! that booth looks like a good home for a tramp!! haha, I am suprised it worked with the looks of it, but good find!!! I can't find any around here :(

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