Rio de Janeiro, Cidade Maravilhosa


The Carnival is arriving…Welcome to Rio, la Cidade Maravilhosa, where seven millions of Cariocas live crowed with the best urban panorama of the world on the background, between the ocean and the rain forest. Cariocas pursue pleasure more than any people in the world. Joie de vivre , music, dance.

The Carnival is arriving…Welcome to Rio, la Cidade Maravilhosa, where seven millions of Cariocas live crowed with the best urban panorama of the world on the background, between the ocean and the rain forest. Cariocas pursue pleasure more than any people in the world. Joie de vivre , music, dance.

The city wraps itself around the numerous mountains that dot the metropolis and it’s wonderful to see this fantastic place from the top (Corcovado Rio’s tallest mountain or Pao de Açucar). Its hard to go anywhere in the city and not see the statue towering above. Santa Teresa and Lapa are my favorite districts.

Santa Teresa is a unique place, with its cobbled streets, colonial mansions and the old fashioned ‘Bonde’ tram, it appears to have stopped in time. No traffic lights, no service stations and no rush. It is a designated sustainable tourism area, with care taken that development does non infringe on its natural and historical beauties. The district is full of artists, musicians, performers, bars full of character and authentic Brazilian restaurants. Amongst the many things to do, don’t miss the chance to ride the famous tram which dates back to the run of the century and boasts the title of being South Americas oldest tram.

Five years ago, Rio de Janeiro’s neighborhood of Lapa was a dodgy place of shadowy corners where no tourist would dare set foot. Although the 300-year-old barrio adjacent to downtown was chock full of history, marvelous mansions, century-old bars and authentic samba jams, it was equally chock full of danger. Even among Cariocas, it was considered a rough part of town.

Now, suddenly, Lapa has been rediscovered by café dwellers, antique hunters and chic youths from the fashionable Zona Sul district as the hippest, most happening place in town. Lapa Arches is one of the few surviving landmarks from the colonial era. At one time it carried water down from the Rio Carioca, it now serves as a viaduct to the wonderful Bondinho de Santa Teresa .

Another place in Lapa is the “convent stairway”, composed of 215 steps covered with a dazzling mosaic of broken ceramic tiles. Selaron, a Chilean artist, began the staircase as a gift to his favourite city. Initially, he purchased antique tiles in Brazil’s national hues of green, yellow and blue, but soon people began sending him tiles of all colours from all over the world. The result is worthy of Antonio Gaudi.

At night, it is surrounded by blithe, raucous activity. On one side of the aqueduct, fans line up for the sweeping tents of Circo Voador, a semi-outdoor music club. Circovoador, it’s recently refurbished and plays host to some of Lapas major musical events ranging from Samba to Funk. Check out the program painted on the wall outside!
On the other side of the square is jammed with revelers and vendors selling bottles of Skol beer. Cobblestones and sidewalks receive the scuttle and strut of impromptu samba. Gaggles of musicians swing cavaquinhos, the diminutive guitars that give samba music its characteristic tink, sidling up to drinkers slumped in plastic chairs in the street.
Elsewhere, spontaneous street parties fill the neighborhood now, the crush of bodies hypnotized by the music. Circles of listeners from all walks of life, gustily singing along with every word, are so engrossed that they barely notice the still rare but increasing presence of foreigners. Self-consciousness is irrelevant. In this moment, these streets welcome all.
In Lapa cachaca, the potent sugar-cane liquor that provides the national cocktail, the caipirinha, and samba walk together on the same road.

Another place to recommend in Lapa is Clube dos Democraticos where a kind of natural joy is on display, an old ballroom with fading touches of grandeur and a spirit that is very much flourishing. People begin dancing even while waiting in line, shimmying up the grand staircase, and clasping each other the moment they step onto the tiled floor.
Rio is world famous for its sunny days, white sands, crystal clear waters, and expansive beaches.
Copacabana stretches over 2.5 miles on Rio’s southeast shores.

The densely packed Copacabana neighborhood is lined with places to stay, ranging from posh hotels to relatively cheap hostels. Farther south and split from Copacabana by a rocky point, Ipanema is Rio’s other famed beach. Favored by the locals, this stretch is popular with those wanting to see and be seen. Like every vantage point in the city, there’s a mountain with incredible granite cliffs. Ipanema is no different. The twin peaks of the Dois Irmãoes, or Two Brothers, form the beach’s western vista. No need to feel shy; showing skin is the modus operandi here. Nets and volleyball courts dot the beach. We’ve seen people play volleyball, football, and “futevólei,” or footvolley, an impressive version of volleyball using a soccer ball, where players cannot hit the ball with their hands.
Botafogo is another wonderful beach close to Sugar Loaf.

Beaches are perfect to eat Açai, a delicious icy cold fruit smoothie, served with banana and granola. This fruit s a Brazilian super food from the Amazon, rich in antioxidants, and famous in Brazil for its health benefits and Energy living properties.


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