Wedding in Lomo: Creative Sessions with Film

Photographing weddings using an old analogue camera, especially the kind of low-fi cameras used in this article, seems pretty crazy since we have access to these 21 megapixel 45 auto-focus digital wonders. But, like all our adventures in film, we just have to jump right in and see what turns out!

Last month, I had the opportunity to professionally photograph or assist at several weddings and when I had time was able to take a few snaps of the creative sessions with my Holga 120N (a classic plastic medium format toy camera) and Olympus XA2 (very similar to the auto exposure LOMO LC-A). In the Holga, I had a roll of Kodak Portra 400 ISO 120 film, and in the XA2 was Kodak Elite Chrome 100 ISO 35mm slide film which I cross processed.

Here are the pictures from my Olympus XA2. I love the vignetting and colours from it.

Followed by pictures from the Holga.

Film has such a unique and different look then digital which I truly enjoy using much more. With film there is just more texture, details are less sharp and more dreamy, and the colours are just different. With digital everything is too sharp, too artificial. Also with the capacity of memory cards there is just no cost to overshooting. With film we take the time to get each shot right as their is a material cost in the film, developing, scanning, and printing! Enjoy the photos!

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