Analogue Nightlife: Music, Lights and Fun at the We Tour Before-Party

It was the first time I took my Diana to a cool party like this was: great music, great light show and awesome people, all in all a cool summer atmosphere in Constanta. My Diana loves funky lights so I was psyched when the DJ turned them on!

Every summer, there is a tour of Romania, organized by a Romanian rider with the help of a few sponsors. The riders travel by bus to the biggest cities in Romania and skate the most awesome spots, streets and skateparks. On the tour, called “We Tour” you can find not only Romanians, but also some of the best riders in Europe. Each year they organize a contest in Gravity Park Constanta featuring unbelievable tricks. It is absolutely mind-blowing !

If you want to know more about We Tour and the contest held in Gravity Park Constanta check out their Facebook page

So, the night before the contest we all got together for a cool party! It rained, but we didn’t mind; to be honest the rain was refreshing as it was a very hot summer night. Here are the shots I took at the We Tour before-party.

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