Do You Know the Future Flame of the 2012 Olympics?

As we are only a year away form the 2012 Olympics, the search has started to find the ‘future flame’. The flame will be carried across the United Kingdom over 70 days; it will be pass through a number of communities and eventually, reach London to kick off the Olympic games.

One of London 2012’s worldwide partners is Coca Cola.

Coca Cola decided to do a 2011 Olympic Torch Tour this summer to search for Britain’s Future Flames. One of their destinations was the London O2. At their tour, there were a number of Coca Cola buses promoting the ‘future flame’ hunt.

They even had a DJ in one, with helpers giving out free coke…yes free!

There was even a display of previous torches from previous games.

As for the 2012 torch, this wasn’t on display but in the hands of the public. Members of the public were lucky enough to hold the torch and have their picture taken (digitally) and then have it superimposed. I was lucky to have my picture taken with the torch, and I also had it done the analogue way!

The flame carried by the Olympic Torchbearer is the most iconic symbol of the Olympic games. If you believe you should be a torchbearer or know of someone who is the future flame, you can nominate here.

Less than a year to go!

written by juliet1688 on 2011-08-17 #news #coca-cola #torch #olympics #2012 #o2-tour

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