My Favorite Childhood Hangout: Culture House Park

I spent most of my free time as a youngster in the Culture House Park as it was the perfect place to go rollerblading. I loved this sport and I still do so. Once in a while I still go there to rollerblade. What can I say, it’s a roller skater’s dream place!

I’ve been going to Culture House Park since I was around 10 years old. Back then, you couldn’t find good quality roller blades with silicone wheels. Only skates with plastic ones which were really loud and uncomfortable. So in order to solve that problem, I started going to the Culture House Park because there you can find a large space with marble on the ground. It was bliss!

Here there are also lots of stairs and different kinds of obstacles and ramps. I can say that this was Constanta’s first skate park! As I grew older, I started practicing rollerblading aggressively here: I learned to do grinds on ledges and a few airs. I loved it!

Today, you won’t see many youngsters practicing this sport here, starting from 2008 when Gravity Park opened, all of them gathered to the real skate park (you can find more information on Gravity Park in this article).

Now, the Culture House Park is mainly a place where lots of kids come with their parents and grandparents to play and where all sorts of events happen, like the Romanian Traditiona Products Faire which takes place once or twice a month.

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