Fuji Pro 400H: My Go-To Colour Film


For my medium format photography, I look no further than Fuji Pro 400H. Reasonably priced and great quality.

Credits: panchoballard

The first color negative film I ever used on my Holga was Fuji Pro 400H and since then I’ve had no reason to stop using it. I’ve tried other films but for speed and versatility this film is great for the Holga. As you can see from the following photos, this film is fine with dull, overcast days. Just set the Holga to cloudy and you’re pretty much guaranteed a decent exposure. No need to worry too much about lighting conditions here.

Credits: panchoballard

But it’s also great in lovely sunny weather! Granted, we don’t get much of it in the UK but when we do it’s great to know I don’t have to find some 100 ISOfilm – the 400 is still fine.

Credits: panchoballard

Summing up, this film is a great staple in my camera bag. Sure, now and then I like to play with some slide film (another Fuji product, Provia 400X) and black and white is often used on my Holga but for color I’ll be using Fuji Pro 400H for a long time to come.

The Fuji Pro 400H 120 is one of the finest 120 color films out there. You get the extra speed of 400 ISO while maintaining excellent fine-grain and banging colors of a slower film. See the whole range of color negatives in our Shop.

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