Film Archiving the Easy Way


This is an easy method I use to archive my negatives and prints, just using what I get back from the lab without buying additional stuff. It may not be the best method but I get along with it quiet good.

There may be better methods archiving film out there but this one is by far the easiest I´ve tried. While it saves a lot of time it takes quiet some space. This method works fine with german drug stores like Schlecker, Rossmann, IhrPlatz or DM where you get index prints with your prints or negatives.

Step one:
Upon bringing my exposed film to the drug store, I write the name of the film, the camera I´ve taken the film with and the date onto the envelope.

This is especially handy when I´m letting quiet a large number of films developed since I don´t have to puzzle about which film and camera I`ve used afterwards.

Step two:
After two days (hooray!) I pick up my negatives or prints from the drug store. At home I tape the Indexprint onto the front side of the envelope right next to my notes.

Step two-and-a-half:
At IKEA I found boxes that are exactly the same size as the drug store envelopes. Since they are very cheap I´ve bought quiet a lot of them. I put the envelopes into the boxes trying to keep them sequence.

Step three:
Onto the front of the Box I note the date of the first and the last envelope put into the box.

This method is not very elegant. While it needs little to no time it takes quiet some room. It works best for me because I rather spend my free time shooting and scanning than archiving. It´s a little guessing involved too. Sometimes the order inside single boxes is lost and I have to browse through it to find a specific envelope. Or I can´t remember during which time a photo was taken.

One day my space will run out or my girlfriend will tell my so, than I´ve to think of another method. Until than the boxes keep piling.

written by zark on 2011-08-21 #gear #tutorials #film #ikea #box #tipster #easy #zark #archiving #index-prints


  1. whizzkidd
    whizzkidd ·

    Simple, yet efficient...

  2. shoujoai
    shoujoai ·


  3. nattykins
    nattykins ·

    I do the same, it works

  4. scorpie
    scorpie ·

    this is pretty much exactly what i'm doing. it works pretty well... except I think I've reached the point where it's starting to take up too much space :/

  5. saintempire
    saintempire ·

    same here exept i keep them in shoeboxes! :)

  6. davecmorrow
    davecmorrow ·

    IKEA here I come. At the moment my prints are in one of my desk draws unorganised. I like this system, just need to find a place to put the boxes :)

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