The Great Diana F+ Flash

This is the accessory that can save your day and your night. With him, I am more relaxed about the quality of photos and just gives me the willingness to fill the day and night with color. An attachment not to be missed!

My entry into the Lomographic world came with the purchase of the Diana F+. As yet nothing was certain I was hesitant to buy the Diana with or without flash as it had a significant difference in price. I eventually chose to buy with the flash and was rightly so. I imagine the limitations of Diana without our retro flash. As we have slide film and cross process it´s easy to make it to get those Lomographic saturations.

The worst is when we do not have money to buy these beautiful slide films or when we just can’t find those. Then things get complicated, just use "simple"film which have nothing to do with colors. This is the time when our savior arrives—the Diana F+ Flash and its color filters! With them we can make all the beautiful pictures and vivid colors. The nearer the object, the better.

Are you shooting during a cloudy day? FLASH IT! Are you shooting at night? Without a doubt… FLAAASHHH IT! And so, when all seems lost, the match becomes more fun.

This Diana+ Flash retains the authentic hallmarks of the original — a dual metal-pin attachment and a glowing ready light. Its “Diana Plug” attaches directly to the camera and fully syncs the flash to the shutter. Included gel filters allow you to splash a burst of colored light at your subject – day or night! Get your very own Diana F+ Flash.

written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-11 #gear #review #colors #filters #120mm #flash #lomography #diana #nightshots #user-review #cloudyshots

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