Hello, Stranger: Photo Porst CN 400!


Another unknown movie, another discovered film ready to fit on my shelf of movies. Affordable and friendly, this ISO 400 seems not to compromise in situations with less light and could give us some hopes for the future.

In my search for a cheap but big film backup, Photo Porst CN 400 was one of my choices. For about € 1, it was easy to get this film that seems to be a friend of the dark. Still could not find information about this film, and for now, I’m going to see the fun surprises that brings. So far, and this being the first roll, note that it gets along with bad lighting. However, also note the excess grain in photos taken during overcast days. Some like it, some don’t!

Now with the flash, it seems to behave well; the grain is automatically reduced and the film plays its role. Next time, I want to try Photo Porst CN 400 in another camera and in days with plenty of sunshine. I’m hoping that it won’t go wrong!

written by sprofishgel on 2011-08-10 #gear #review #light #low #grain #porst #flash #lomography #fisheye #user-review #cn400 #photo-porst-cn-400

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