Share the Love of Analogue!


Interested in music, LomoMatrix, and love? Check out this awesome music video done in the style of Lomo-Matrix with Malaysian band, Lab The Rat, and over 25 Lomographers from all over the country!

This song is dedicated to a movement called Share The Love. The movement is about friendship and solidarity. Sharing evokes feelings of warmth, comfort, peace and being cared for, and it can only be felt when shared. Through the “Share the Love” movement, we encourage all who believe in love and caring to put it into action.

Hope you like the song and the video. And don’t forget to share the love of analogue! Lomo on!

Credits: chanphosgraphe

written by tomkiddo on 2011-11-07 #music #lifestyle #video #analogue #malaysia #love #movement #lomography #analogue-lifestyle #lomomatrix

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