My Favourite Childhood Hangout

I still remember when my father used to bring our family to a garden in Kuala Lumpur. My father always brings us although I really don’t know why. Usually I’m playing badminton with my father while my mother takes care of my brothers who are playing at the playground. Sometimes we go with my uncles, aunts, grandma and my grandpa, well of course, my cousins will also come along. Twice a month, my father will bring us here, either at night or in the morning, mostly on Saturday night or Sunday morning.

That child is not me. :D The lovely lady at the leftmost is my mom.

Over 15 years, I still go to this wonderful garden either in the morning or evening (but less in the evening actually). It’s because my father is older and he needs to sleep early. What’s the point if you are not going with your family to this beautiful garden. Still you can go with your friends but it’s not the same. I love the time when we were able to go with our uncles and other relatives. It’s like a family gathering whenever my uncles came and brought along their family’s from different hometowns. This garden is so special to me because it is the place where I meet up with my cousins and play with them.

This garden can also be a place to do some events. It’s a very nice place to do wedding photography, nature photography, street photography and more. I used to follow my mentor to assist him in his photography work. I also helped him out for pre-wedding photography. During that time, I was more in the digital arena although I’m still new to this analogue arena which has a different set of materials and tools but makes use of the same knowledge and skills. As for me, I love to do the street photography and I found this garden a very nice place to take photos of.

Furthermore, there are many different types of people here, from children to old folks. There are lots of children for the playground while the old folks jog or do Tai Chi. To those who like taking pictures of the expressions of children and old folks, do come here during the weekend, I’m sure you will be happy seeing their natural expressions.

Last but not least, this is the best place to hangout with your family during the weekend. Be sure to not forget to bring your camera along to snap all the wonderful moments happening there.

Lastly, I present to you, Lake Garden Kuala Lumpur. Lomo On!

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