Miniature Vintage Cameras: A Small Dosage of Sexiness


Size does matter – especially when it’s a tiny cutesy little camera collection that fits in your hand. Making my own miniature cameras really makes me appreciate the ingenuity of engineering design of these cameras.

I have an addiction to vintage cameras. My wife is getting jealous because I fondle them more than her breasts.

I saw these Lomograpy camera keychains
and I absolutely loved them and thought that it would be nice if someone would sell vintage camera keychains. I couldn’t find them on the internet so I ended up making them myself. I was too lazy so I made only 3 cameras. I will do more when I’m not too lazy, sorry.

All I need was modeling clay, acrylic paint, and drawn to scale image of my cameras (20% of actual size).

I’m not a crafty person. In fact, I’m quite an underachiever. But I’m pretty proud of the result. Now, I take them everywhere except the bedroom where I should give undivided attention to my wonderful wife.

Thank you for reading!

written by mr-korn on 2011-08-18 #lifestyle #mini #vintage-camera #lomography #miniature #handmade #clay #keychain #handicraft #analogue-lifestyle #crafty


  1. magali
    magali ·


  2. nattykins
    nattykins ·

    Well done!! They're fantastic!

  3. gdc
    gdc ·

    Wow! Can't believe you made those yourself! Great job!

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