Dreamy Shots, Dreamy Camera: Lomography Diana Mini Love is in the Air Edition


The Lomography Diana Mini Valentine’s Edition “Love Is In The Air” was introduced in 2011. Like other Diana Minis, it takes 35mm film and you can choose between half-frame and square frame formats. This edition comes packaged in a cute custom box with a matching Diana flash and a packet of vivid color gels, plus the uniquely designed “Shoot Forever” book.

I was drawn into Lomography quite recently, because of Tori Amos, and I wanted to start small and 35mm, so I chose the Diana Mini. I looked at the many cute clones, and fell in love with the Love Is In The Air Valentine’s Edition launched earlier this year. I adore the sky-blue color, and the clouds are dreamy, just like the dreamy shots you can take with this camera. The flash attachment even matches the camera and there is a custom lens cap!

I have some digital photographer friends who teased me about getting a toy camera, but I have been very happy with the results of this camera and have had many happy accidents. These types of images simply cannot be made with a digital camera! Plus, patience is a virtue. Not having the instant gratification of digital photos really makes me excited to see how the roll turns out. I have had great results with everything I’ve tried. No flash, with good light. Flash, indoors or outside at night. No flash at night, for example photographing LED lights. Multiple exposures. Overlapping frames. Long exposures with movement. And I’m a beginner! It’s so easy, which was a relief to me.

Since the advance mechanism is completely manual, it is easy to take multiple exposures and overlapping exposures. There is also a shutter setting for taking long exposures and an attachment for a cable release (sold separately). The aperture has two options: bright and cloudy/indoor. The flash is easy to use and takes standard AA batteries. It has an on/off switch and a glowing ready light. There is a packet of color gel filters that you can slip inside the flash for an vivid burst of light on your subject: 12 colors in all to choose from! Below are examples using the flash; color gels; half-frame format; multiple exposures; overlapping exposures; long exposures; and night/no flash.

Pros: Easy to use, 35mm film easy to have developed, option for half-frame format or square format, and super cute skin on the camera!

Cons: Some people have had problems with the advance mechanism, but I haven’t yet. Also this camera is not currently available in the Lomo Shop; I got mine online elsewhere.

Tips: Take it everywhere, of course! This camera is especially adorable and people will be interested in it. It’s a great way to tell people about Lomography. Even though it’s possible to mix half-frame and full-frame images on the same roll, I advise against it because the shots are harder to print or scan, whatever your method is. Since most labs will be confused by this unusual format, I found it easiest to have the film processed only and receive the negatives uncut. I scan the negatives myself with a photo/negative/slide scanner.

The Diana Mini Love Is In The Air edition has the same technical specs as the other Diana Minis. You have the option to format your shots in either a half-frame (two different shots on one frame) or the delicious retro square format.

• Takes all kinds of 35mm film (color negative, black and white, color slide, redscale)
• Shoot half-frame shots (up to 72 per roll!) or square images (up to 36 per roll)
• Dreamy sky blue and white clouds motif and “Love is in the Air” written on the lens and lens cap
• Comes with the Diana Flash+, custom matched to the camera with blue background and white clouds, and matching blue hotshoe
• Pocket-sized (without the flash, at least) and lightweight
• Includes: Diana Mini Camera, Diana Flash+, colored gel flash filters, instruction manual, “Shoot Forever” book, lens cap, strap

All in all, I am very pleased with this camera as my introduction to Lomography. It’s easy to use, yields great and unique results, and has lots of freedom for various types of shots and creative exposures.

The Diana Mini Love is in the Air is a special Valentines edition of the Diana Mini. Prepare to be swept off your feet, because this camera can shoot dreamy half-frames and squares—all in 35mm film! Fall in love with the Diana Mini Love is in the Air here.

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    Cool review! Nice pictures! :D

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    Thank you! Check out my page, I added a bunch from a Flaming Lips trip.

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