A Homemade Splitzer for the La Sardina


I propose an easy and cheap way of making an exclusive splitzer for our “La Sardina”. Interested? Check out the 411 after the jump!

Credits: colagold

I’ve had a La Sardina “Marathon” for a short time, and I’ve always liked the results the splitzer accessory yields, but, unfortunately, it does not exist for this lomographic camera model. Hence I figured I could make my own in a simple and inexpensive way. This is the result.


  • The lid of a 35 mm film canister
  • Electrical tape.
  • Cutter.
  • Scissors.
  • Black construction paper.
  • Glue.

We cut the canister lid getting rid of the middle part. When we put it around the lens of “La Sardina” we observe it is a bit loose, so we stick a bit of tape around the inside of the lid (a couple of times arouns will be enough) and we cut the excess.

After that we lay the lid on the black construction paper and we draw its outline, which we then cut a circle with the scissors, following the line we just drew.

Once we have our little black circle, we will cut it in half and glue it to the wider side of the canister lid (I used middle strength glue but I recomment a stronger one that holds better).

And now we already have an inexpensive and very ingenious splitzer for “La Sardina”.

You could put colour filters on the part where the light comes through..

By the way, the lid I used came with the Lomography Xpro Slide 200 35mm, but I guess it can be done with any lid. Even if you cut it more careful than I did you may not need the tape.

Here you have some results.

Credits: colagold

I can think of another way of making a splitzer by just using black construction paper, but I will tell you about it if it gives me good results.

I hope this is useful for you, and if you believe it can be improved in anyw way, please tell us in the comments.

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written by colagold on 2011-08-18 #gear #tutorials #splitzer #camera #cover #tipster #tipsters #construction-paper #sardina
translated by etxenike


  1. domo-guy
    domo-guy ·

    I love the first picture! :)

  2. lemonademustard
    lemonademustard ·

    how do you use the splitzer? do you need to adjust anything on the camera(la sardina)? sorry, i'm new to film photography :-)

  3. jacob_coy
    jacob_coy ·

    it just blocks off light exposing that section of the negative. you can adjust splitzer's to anywhere on the lens by rotating the card to block anything. hope that helps lemonademustard

  4. kiddo20
    kiddo20 ·

    I've made a home made splitzer with my fisheye 2 just like what you did. hehe

  5. lemonademustard
    lemonademustard ·

    thanks so much jacob_coy!

  6. amushroom
    amushroom ·

    Thanks for this tipster!! i´ll try to do that but to use with the mini diana :)

  7. ceschot
    ceschot ·

    Thanks for the awesome tipster, just made my Splitzer! Can't wait to try it and see the results!!

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