Analogue Approaches to Visual Arts: Paper Sculptures by Jeff Nishinaka


Paper sculpture is a very unique art form in which attention to detail and skillfulness are extremely important. Jeff Nishinaka is one of the few artists that create these one-of-a-kind sculptures. He is a very successful artist whose works of art are not only sold all over the world, but are also part of topnotch advertising campaigns.

Apart from its aesthetic value, paper sculpture is considered one of the most successful forms of advertising illustration. Because of its uniqueness and fine details, the consumers are fascinated by it. Therefore they are more attentive to the product advertised and have a better chance of remembering it.

Jeff Nishinaka was born in Los Angeles and graduated in 1982 from The Art Center College of Design, Pasadena, California, with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration. Since then, he has used his unique talent for creating extraordinary paper sculptures used in advertising, fashion, and interior design.

His most impressive work until now is a major installation piece, 20′ × 20′ × 10′, for the lobby of the ANA Hotel Tokyo in Japan commemorating their 5th anniversary. Jeff received an honor in 1992 from the Dimensional Illustrators Awards Show in New York for that particular installation.

You can also check out this interesting video depicting Jeff Nishinaka at work:

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