Baltimore's Graffiti Alley: A Hidden Oasis of Street Art

Hidden behind an auto body shop, the Load of Fun Gallery, and other non-descriptive buildings is an alley where graffiti art flourishes freely in downtown Baltimore, MD.

Credits: lislisdotnet

Emerging from the Load of Fun Gallery’s plan for murals came about a space where urban artists are able to develop and show off their craft in a safe environment. Because graffiti art is seen as a form of vandalism in general, it is rare to have a space where it can be so plentiful. Luckily, the gallery worked with the city to allow graffiti in the alley whose walls make a majority of the alley, they welcome anyone who would like to work at their space.

Credits: lislisdotnet

Because the alley is open to all, the art changes on any given day. This means that each excursion will yield different photographs. Even within a single visit, it can take a long time just to observe one section of one 10-ft wall.

Credits: lislisdotnet

Graffiti covers every wall, door, pipe, and even the ground in this side street. Each artist, whether experienced or a beginner, brings about their own style in their designs.

Credits: lislisdotnet

If you’re a fan of graffiti and street art, this is a must-see hidden location in Baltimore.

Learn more about Graffiti Alley and its history in the 2009 Baltimore Sun article below.

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