Review: Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100

2011-08-09 11

Using this film is like adding an extra saturation layer, cranked to the max, in Photoshop!

The Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 is one film that I hesitated to try — mainly due to it being the most pricey Lomo film available. I started out with the cheaper negatives while I get used to the operation of my cameras, and now that after shooting a few rolls of slide film, I decided to try out the Chrome.

On the website, the film is claimed to “intensify hues and makes everything more vibrant and vivid”, which is a perfect match for an impromptu trip to Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor. The fishing village and paddy field town provided enough colorful subjects to shoot, especially the huge containers, snack packaging, and rustic riverside homes.

The film did not disappoint at all! I am really happy with the way the colors turn out as claimed — bright, vivid and at some point, too good to be true. I think back at the time I used to shoot in digital and then tried to edit the photos to look like these, but none appear as naturally, strongly saturated like this film.

Not too sure if this is the camera or film, but I found out that the best saturated parts are in areas under a shade. In direct sunlight the colors tend to be overexposed a little. Perhaps it is best to notch up the ISO to 200 if shooting directly under strong sunlight.

Anyway, give this film a try – it’s fun!

The Lomography X-Pro Chrome 100 35mm is a showstopper of a slide. When cross processed, this film intensifies hues and makes everything more vibrant and vivid. See our selection of Lomography films here.

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  1. simonh82
    simonh82 ·

    It's a great film. I got 15 rolls of it with piggies when i got my LCA+ and have used almost all of them. Great photos as well!

  2. nuhdos
    nuhdos ·

    I wanna try this film, I love the 200 asa one, but it has got a lot o grain when your cross it, specially if you've shooted under the sun... the 100 asa hasn't this problem I think !

  3. aroninvt
    aroninvt ·

    I just got a 3 pack of this and loaded a roll in my La Sardina today! I can't wait to finish it!

  4. houda21
    houda21 ·

    Great article and fantastic pictures. Just wanted to know what camera you used to shoot them?

  5. shuttersentinel17
    shuttersentinel17 ·

    @simonh82: wow 15 rolls? Thats alot, great film to stock up!

    @nuhdos: Yea I agree, this one looks a tad much "cleaner" haha!

    @aroninvt: Cool! hope your pictures turn out great! :D

    @houda21: Thanks! I used a Lomo LC-Wide.

  6. eva_eva
    eva_eva ·

    Love the colors! :)

  7. lihooi
    lihooi ·

    i have the overexposed problem too but still loving it! experimenting with iso200 too! :)

  8. lyndxe
    lyndxe ·

    awesome photos and article - i was curious about using this film with my LC-A+, so thanks for the great review + advice!

  9. shuttersentinel17
    shuttersentinel17 ·

    @eva_eva: Thanks! Me too!

    @lihooi: I tried ISO200 on a Provia 100F and it looked not so overexposed! But possibly my lab had already adjusted it haha..

    @lyndxe: No problem! Looking forward to seeing your shots too!

  10. nfxfsx
    nfxfsx ·

    @lihooi - I'm going to try that as well. The colors are amazing with the film.

  11. zulkhairikharuddin
    zulkhairikharuddin ·

    chrome 100 make blue colour turn to rich blue after cross process.

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