Analogue Approaches to Visual Arts: David Hockney


As a lover of art and photography, I often see pieces of art that I wish I had thought of creating… and David Hockney’s amazing photograph collages are one of these.

All photos by David Hockey via

On a recent visit to Salts Mill, Saltaire, England I saw some amazing art work by David Hockney featuring collages of photos and polaroids put together in a patchwork to create one complete art piece.

Hockney created these photomontage works mostly between 1970 and 1986 and referred to them as ‘Joiners’ rather than collages – the first ever ‘joiner’ occured accidently when Hockney was trying to create a painting of his living room. He photographed individual areas of the room and glued them together for reference and in turn created a narrative of movement in one image.

David Hockney’s collages combine his fascination with perspective and cubism and even plays with time with some of his photos taken at slightly different times to create constant movement within the piece. Initially the subject would move whilst being photographed so that the final narrative would show the movements seen from the photographer’s camera however, in later works Hockney changed his technique and moved the perspective around the subject instead.

For more of David Hockney’s amazing work see these links:
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