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What have you been doing to make yourself busy as of late? Put your musings in writing and submit it to the User Blogs and you might be part of this list next week!

Credits: mephisto19

If you’re in a lull and think that life is a wee bit routinary, a trip to the User Blogs should do you good and keep the doldrums away! Here, you’re presented with the voices of thousands of Lomographers, each with their own perspective on life. So what’s on your mind? Write and submit to the blogs now!

Credits: mephisto19

Work In Progress / In Arbeit by mephisto19,

Credits: mephisto19

revolog films by mephisto19,

Credits: sophiesays

Un regalo muy especial...thanksssss u @sophiesays==== by atria007,

Credits: pomps

Self Developed Photos :) by pomps,

Credits: mapix

Could Lomography be art? by mapix,

Credits: rake

For the Love of My Analogue Future by rake,

Credits: lawypop

Be Creative ! Part Two by lawypop,

Credits: lereile


Credits: maryona

Al fin llegó mi último dia!! by maryona,

Credits: lomographybenelux

De spanning stijgt by lgsamsterdam,

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