Lomography Pop Up Shop at Selfridges London!


Climb aboard the Lomography Love Boat at Selfridges this August and enjoy a super cool analogue photography experience for a very limited time only!

The Lomography Love Boat under construction at LomoLand, Vienna

Lomography has taken its inspiration for this wonderful Pop Up Store at Selfridges from the waterythemed, brand-new, La Sardina Cameras and have built, well, a lovely ‘Love Boat’ in honor of this salty sea-water reference. Then, quite frankly, we’ve got TOTALLY carried away.

Anchors away! All aboard the Lomography Love Boat!

You won’t believe how much fun you can have playing ship shape sailors in this beautiful analogue world!
What’s on offer in store?

First Mate Workshops
Come in store and borrow a Lomography camera and a roll of film for one hour, all for the measly price of one pound – what a perfect lunch hour pastime! Better than sipping rum in a storm at sea and all you need is a credit card to leave as a deposit. Shiver me timbers that’s a deal!
Sailor Tattoos
You’re not a real sailor unless you’re sporting a salty-dog-style tattoo. Fact. So come along and get a freebie (temporary…boo!) tattoo of a random nautical reference and impress your land lubber friends.
Tug O’War
Find your sea legs and take on one of the sailors in store to a tug o‘ war match. Prizes and discounts for the winners!
Ship’s Bell Discounts
Each day we will be looking for a different sailing reference. If you happen to stumble aboard sporting any of these strange and unusual daily visual challenges then the bell will ring and the lucky land lubbers will be rewarded with some discount or prizes!
All times and date of in store events will be listed in store

Ahoy there land lubbers!

01 08 11 – 24 08 11
Opening hours
9.30am until 10pm Mon – Fri
9.30am until 9pm Saturday
11.30am until 6.15pm Sunday
Ground floor entrance
40 Duke Street
London W1U 1AT

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