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On 29th July, an Indian national daily, The India Express featured Lomography India and a whole article about Lomography!

One of the biggest newspapers in India, The India Express, featured Lomography in their article “Present Imperfect”.

Below is the transcription of the article:

THE photographs speak for themselves. On a busy street in Mumbai, a taxi driver stands unassumingly next to his taxi and Ankit Goel captures the moment. Twenty- four- old Goel, an engineer based in Delhi is an ardent photographer. When you look at the picture, a dream-like slur is evident on the image. The red tinge stands out; the taxi driver’s smile captures you in a surreal way. Welcome to the world of Lomography which adapts to Goel’s desire for imperfection from pictures. Tagging this interest as ‘a revival of analogue photography’, he is one among a group of Lomographers trying to bring a new perspective to photography.

photo by itshodgepodge

It was in the early nineties, when two Austrian students came across a Russian camera called the Lomo Komakt Automat. When they began clicking, the results startled them– leaking vibrant colours, deep saturation and vignettes dotted the shots. The two would soon fly to St. Petersburg to sign a contract for the worldwide distribution of this fantastic little camera. And Lomography was born. In India, the community of Lomographers is a well connected one. With close to 750 members on it’s Facebook page Lomography India, Lomography according to Partha Rao, Director India, Lomography, is more popular than it was originally perceived to be. "When we started talking to people, conducting workshops etc. we figured that many here had heard about us earlier. They had wanted to use Lomography cameras but didn’t know where to get them. Since we set up base in Mumbai, we thought it would be difficult to find Lomographers from other cities in India. But our facebook community, Lomography India has people from all over,” says Rao. The idea for every avid Lomographer is the same – experimental, fun-filled, hassle-free photography.

photo by fototattoo

The intentional flaws it brings up in images is the specialty of this photography. 39-year-old- fashion photographer Manoj Jadhav has been using Lomo cameras for ten years now ever since he first spotted them in Prague. He has around 80 analogue film cameras that also include a couple of Lomos. " When I picked up a Lomo, I understood this was a good relief from the perfection-obsessed world of digital photography where everything could be ‘manufactured’," he says. In the confused melange that his Lomo produces, one can see life. " Life is imperfect, why should our pictures not reveal that?" he says. The accidental beauty of pictures taken on Lomo cameras leave scope for expectation.

photo by anushreegavas

“We never know what kind of image might come out of it,” says Goel. “The anticipation builds the experience.” In a world preoccupied with technique Lomo’s emphasis is on a very simple mantra – Don’t Think. Just shoot. For instance, pictures by freelancer Anushree Gavas, are both callous and natural: all happy reflections of her daily routine with an out of place blur. Based out of Mumbai, Gavas has been using Diana F+, a medium format Lomo camera for seven months. “A Lomo camera does not distract or alter public spaces. I can take it out easily and do casual snapshot photography.” Gavas calls her pictures happy accidents. On her Lomography page on the website lomography.in one can spot portraits that are edgy, aloof, colorful, starchy and imperfect. While the number of people who have these cameras may be small compared to the size of the Indian market, it is rapidly growing and there are hundreds of pictures uploaded everyday from India .

Here are the featured Lomographers and their LomoHomes:

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